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Hello, hope you are doing well, thank you for taking the time to read my email. 

Then, I'm seeking a loan of $750,000. I just want to expand the Personal business. 
You might think that the best way to propose the percentage or in years fixed loan type.
I'II pay you back month​ ​by month. I have a simple business plan presentation in 8 steps. 

I would be most grateful to receive an early reply.
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The Simple Business Plan Presentation In 8 Steps.

 1-Talk about myself;

I'm EdsonCampos, professor, Businessman. Over + 10 years the Business at South, Central, North the Americas and Europe, personal owner business online, selling along I'm travelling with business Expo and Conference, in those countries. I also have a connection with Hal Leonard Corporation,, Milwaukee, WI 53213. Then I’m a dealer distributor product of them, too.
2-The Business Project is: is selling online, we don’t a physical store yet. Jus wholesales with a large number of products cheaper to resell. (No so Hight, but it is a good price) I leave cheap I can to be a re-sale to several countries. I will be able to hire more people to work it with me I want to put at the store in the shopping mall with more stock in the Expo and conferences inside and outside the country, too. I'm selling more over the internet and it is very well When I have a product to deliver immediately. So, I want investment to leave in the stock, not so big but supportable to serve customers to make the money Growth up faster.
3-How much money in total do I need for this project?
To the Company Growth well, I need to get everything will be right, I can the payback month by month the instalments of the investment of the loan with the You might think that the best way to propose the percentage or in years of fixed loan type. I'II pay you back month by month. I’m seeing of $750.000,(Seven Fifty Hundredth thousand dollars). It will be a very strong push to the company with all registered with more support to go to inside the amount.

 4-What are the major areas I will put the money into?
The Major Areas I will put the money, Games (PS4 vs. Xbox One), Watches, Electronics, Cosmetics, Shoes, Clothiers, Glasses, Computers, Cell Phones, Sony Walkman, Headphones, etc., Musical Instruments, etc.
5- Who are the major or competitors?
By the way, you know it will need to research and develop even more products, keeping ahead of them. Competition is a major influence on business activity with customers. The impact of business activity on society all business activity has benefits good undesirable effects on society. These reasons to have some control over the business activity more sale. The competition good is the price, buy cheap and pass on with higher values and not different from the sold at the other stores, but it`s competitive.
6-What makes the products and services unique?

The different and the service and commitment with the customer and the price is compatible with the good price accessible for all, thus obtaining good sales and great deals.

7-How much money have I spent on the project since its inception?

Since I inception the project I don`t spend a lot of money on advertisements, because we have the social networks for advertising and it stays well, but cheap without great expenses. I always look for more modern ways to save money to invest elsewhere that is necessarily useful.

8-What are the risks associated with the project?
If I say no risk, I'm not trying to slap the sun with a sieve. There is but it`s small. That's why I work with the large people that buy and pays the view they need the products. We are dealing with the customer to need it every day and it always looks for good prices and good services. (This is the point the Good service in many ways) (Future with the Platforms Digital Mobile Apps & Web Development Bitcoin Exchange) 
In short, this is my business.
I would be most grateful to receive an early reply.
Yours sincerely,

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