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We help people who are in need of a remedy with difficult access for the population the people need help with health and much more. Such as diabetes, high blood pressure, Ciflies, leukaemia and cancer. Make your donation a dollar to help us in a physical account go to PayPal accounting donations at email

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People donate small holdings of shares to get rid of a nuisance. Small shareholdings are often worth less than it would cost to sell, yet companies are obliged to provide annual reports and other documentation to all shareholders. Donating shares can also be a very tax efficient way to give, depending on the donor’s circumstances.

All of our donations are based upon suggestions from our donors and the companies who work with us. we do accept applications for funding. The most effective way for a charity to benefit from a SiegerGift grant is to raise awareness of SiegerGift by encouraging their supporters to donate their unwanted shares to us. We also regularly help charities with larger donations. All of our donations are made as unrestricted funding.

We are happy to talk to charities about the best way to promote SiegerGift to their supporters and can provide template wording for websites and printed materials upon request. Please contact  Sieger for further information.

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